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Whoever said that thick hair was a blessing had no idea what the fuck they were talking about

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Ziam Bromance

 Ziam, it’s just so depressing. It’s so depressing and unrewarding, I feel like when Liam wants to be more than friends with Zayn, he just sees it as platonic, and vice versa. Especially when both have girlfriends, and seem so happy, but… don’t they realise they could be HAPPIER?

Danielle is adorable. I believe that she and Liam bring out the best in each other, they seem to work like gears. I love them together. Danielle may be older than Liam but you’d never know because when they’re together, they act like they’re the same. They’re perfect together.

I’ve put aside the Perrie incident from the X Factor because of reasons. I’m a fan of hers, I can see that Zayn is very happy with her, and plus, I’m terrible at holding something against a person. And reasons. She and Zayn just seem to work. They’re one of those couples that you wouldn’t expect to work, because at appearance, it just looks so off. But Zerrie works and I have a few other things to say about it, but that’s for another analysis.

But when Zayn and Liam are together, it’s like infinite perfection outweighing every other perfect thing in the world because they balance each other out. Liam is responsible, parental at times, he’s like a baby panda at times, he’s just so sure of what he wants to be, and he’s determined. He’s a perfect role model, and he can be a dork. Zayn is sort of pervy, he’s a bit reckless, and he also knows what he wants to be. He’s wise and smart and insightful, and he can be a dork, too.

Ziam is very protective of each other, as a lot have noticed. The reason I think that is, is simple. As I said earlier, both want each other at the wrong, opposite times. Which is extremely frustrating. But even though Liam has been in the same relationship for two years, and couldn’t be happier about it, that could be making Zayn all the more wary of Liam’s heart breaking. No matter how amazing something may seem, it can always be too good to be true. Say Danielle doesn’t marry Liam in the future. Say something happens that makes them think, maybe we shouldn’t date anymore. Zayn wants Liam to know that when and if that happens, he knows who to run to. He wants to make sure Liam knows that he will always be there. He wants to be there for Liam if it means increasing his chances with him, and plus, he’s obviously in love with him, can you blame him. And who wouldn’t want to be the one to take care of Liam in his time of need? Getting that feeling of, ‘This person needs me. I am responsible for this person’s emotions.’

Liam, on the other hand, certainly wants to protect Zayn from another Perrie episode. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, my boyfriend will be there for me. It doesn’t seem likely to me that Perrie and Zayn will ever get married. Very unlikely, in fact. And I think Liam, Zayn and Perrie all know that. But Zerrie seems more fragile. It seems like the first break sort of left a crack that you can’t exactly tape. And if you step on that crack, it’ll only fall apart again. And you can’t use the same tape twice. It sounds really weird and ridiculous, but think about it. Is it really even inaccurate? Zerrie already failed in the past. Liam wants to be the first person Zayn calls for when it fails again. Even if Zayn’s not as upset next time, that doesn’t mean Liam won’t feel the urge to get in line.

I think another reason why Ziam is such a depressing ship is because of another very popular ship, Niam. And I love Niam, it’s in my top three of Most Shipped. I think the people who ship Niam and the people who ship Ziam are sort of pulling Liam by the arms. We’re like Team Niall and Team Zayn. And I’m on Team Zayn because Niam seems a bit more awkward to me, in truth. It feels weird to picture them TOGETHER, not just as a couple, but doing couple-y things. And I ship a lot of things. Zarry, LiLo, Larry, Nosh, a lot of things. Possibly all of them, just in different ways on different levels. But I feel that Niall may just be adding more drama, especially if you’re like me and also ship Niam. Because if Liam is in love with Niall too… Poor guy. Niam is a great ship, but I feel that it interferes with Ziam, and I don’t want that.

I don’t think dominance would be an issue in the Ziam bromance, like it would in Niam (obviously Liam is the more dominant of the pair, his age supporting that theory). Because when Zayn wants Liam, he becomes vulnerable. And then Liam is dominant over Zayn’s feelings. When Liam wants Zayn, he is vulnerable, and then Zayn is dominant over Liam’s feelings. They interchange roles, and I think that’s really healthy, other than the scary wife or the bossy husband. When one of them submits to the other, even when they KNOW that it’s not in the cards, they are automatically wounded, and therefore, more vulnerable than the other, who was more aware of the fact of it not working out. But tables turn.

Religion is not an issue, either, and that’s just fantastic. Liam doesn’t seem to care about Zayn being Muslim, and Zayn doesn’t seem to care that Liam isn’t. Why would they engage in such pregidous judgement, anyway? Love is love, and religion, sexuality, or even age, shouldn’t interfere.

I believe I’ve made my point. These are all very good reasons why Ziam is so depressing, but society is probably the biggest factor of them all. Especially when you are two people in the eye of it. Any way the wind blows… Ziam is still depressing, and will always be depressing. The end.

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Lou’s been giving Zayn sass lessons.

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where is anne hathaway and the flag of genovia

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is it sad that i love the uk more then i love my own country 

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Proud to be British right now even though I’m not British…

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i’ve already reblogged this once today, but it’s just too perfect to not reblog twice.<3

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louis partying at a gay club

reminder that this happened.


louis partying at a gay club

reminder that this happened.

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How could you NOT reblog this..? #xfactordays

lou what in thee FUCK are you wearing

those days where they didnt match their clothes and lou didnt wear so much stripes :’) 

omg when harry wore those shoes &lt;3

i miss this): best x factor in the history

look at them they’re such fetuses omg

is harry wearing espadrilles 

hey zen nice galoshes

lou&#8217;s fucking capris


How could you NOT reblog this..? #xfactordays

lou what in thee FUCK are you wearing

those days where they didnt match their clothes and lou didnt wear so much stripes :’) 

omg when harry wore those shoes <3

i miss this): best x factor in the history

look at them they’re such fetuses omg

is harry wearing espadrilles 

hey zen nice galoshes

lou’s fucking capris

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One Direction; 2nd Year Anniversary This is just the beginning for these boys.”

“It’s quite strange to think about that the thing I want most is actually one of my biggest fears like for us to take over the world and be that huge boy band. At the same time being known on such a wide scale is a huge fear because you’ll never be able to be the same person ever again.” —Liam

“I travel around, going through different experiences every single day with four of my best friends who I didn’t know two years ago. And now we are close as brothers.” —Harry

“With the boys going through exactly the same thing you’re going through and we can literally talk to each other about anything…Anything. And I think that’s a special thing.” —Zayn

“Yeah we’ve had a good year, but no one can say that we’ve actually succeeded until we’re passed away and people are still playing our records and people are still buying our music. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve done well.” —Niall

“I hope when we look back in how many years when we’re granddads, and we look back in the band, I just hope that when we look back on it and think ‘We had the most amazing time and that we’ve actually stayed true to ourselves.’—Louis

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